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Spring Black Friday

Why wait until the holiday season to get Black Friday deals? Start saving now during’s Spring Black Friday Sale. You’ll find huge discounts on everything you need to get your home ready for warmer days. Update your space with big savings on new furniture for your home and patio. Does your decor need a refresh? You’ll find area rugs on sale, throw pillows, outdoor decor, and more! Spring Black Friday is the perfect way to kick off the new season.

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Tips on Shopping a Patio Furniture Clearance Sale

Patio furniture clearance sales typically occur at the end of the season. Patio furniture clearance sales are also common when outdoor furniture manufacturers create new products and styles. All varieties of patio furniture are often offered at clearance sales. Patio furniture clearance sales are the perfect time to purchase entire sets of patio furniture for the price of a few chairs or a single ...

Platform Bed Fact Sheet

When you're shopping for a new bed, you'll see many styles of platform beds for sale. If you're used to sleeping on a bed with a box spring, then you may want to learn more about platform beds. These facts should help you understand them better, so you can feel confident about your purchase.

Best Binding Attachments for Snowshoes

Strapping on a pair of snowshoes opens up a whole new world of winter adventure. Once you have a pair of snowshoes, you can boldly go where you have never gone before. Because they spread the surface area of your footfall, snowshoes prevent your weight from sinking into the snow, so you can get around, even in deep powder. From the first wooden snowshoes, snowshoe designs have expanded to work for ...

Mattress Buying Guide

Everything You Should Know Before Buying a Mattress -™ <meta property="og:image" content="img/mxc/20161111_seo_mattress_hero.jpg"/> <img id="pinterest-image" style="opacity: 0;position: absolute;top:0; left:0; width:100%" src="img/mxc/20161111_seo_mattress_pinterest.jpg" data-pin-media="img/mxc/20161111_seo_mattress_pinterest.jpg"> Mattress Buying Guide <a href="Home-Garden/Mattresses/2019/subcat.html" ...
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No buyer's remorse, here

This is not a five-star bed. It is, however, a more than adequate bed for the price, and will probably hold up for several years, possibly with a few modifications (which I'll explain in the "Mattress support" paragraph below). I only just assembled this bed today, so I can't guarantee its longevity, ...
Marissa November 21, 2015

plaid down alternative comforter

I decided to do away with traditional sheets, and try something I experienced, and remembered, kind of while camping, years ago...the feel of a really good sleeping bag, if it could only give me the support of a great mattress/box-spring with that 'sleeping bag', warm and silky feel. For my current ...
David M. October 13, 2015

Stylish and sturdy.

I'd ordered another metal bed from Overstock years ago, and though I was apprehensive about buying furniture sight-unseen, it's been one of the best online purchases I ever made -- well-made, incredibly sturdy, looks great, and a fantastic bargain. So I hoped for similar with this bed and took the plunge. ...
Bethany December 12, 2014

Slumber Solutions Choose Your Comfort 14-inch King

I tried to be thorough when I went shopping. I went to the mattress store in the middle of the weekday so I was the only customer and had the salesman all to myself. I was there well over an hour, test driving the mattress line I was interested in. Not just lay down for a minute or two, but lie there ...
shopin4sales October 13, 2015